High-Pocket Design

Designed from the ground up for today's evolving style of offensive minded players, The Hawk offers a high-pocket design coveted by the top scorers in the game.

9 The Hawk Technology

9 The Hawk Technology

8 The Hawk Technology Laid back

Laid Back Profile

The laid back profile and lowered scoop keeps the ball tucked under the shooting strings when cradling and dodging for maximum, hold while providing an optimal release point and improving ball trajectory vs. conventional offset heads when passing and shooting.  

8 The Hawk Technology Laid back

Composite Injected Polymer

The Hawk is constructed with state-of-the-art materials by utilizing an industry first and proprietary composite injected polymer, providing not only optimal strength and durability but maximum energy transfer for improved velocity.


7 The hawk Tech Composite injected

6 the hawk technology

Dual Layer Architecture

Epoch’s exclusive dual layer architecture ensures the Hawk remains light and strong (durable) by removing material and weight from non-essential parts and increasing the strength throughout the essential structure.

6 the hawk technology


We have borrowed the Flex iQ system from our industry leading Dragonfly shaft line-up.  We  understand that players may prefer a different feel or stiffness based on their playing style or position. By using a proprietary composite polymer, we can increase or decrease the stiffness of The Hawk by altering the materials used in manufacturing.  This will allow defensemen to have the same profile and shape head as an offensive player but with the added stiffness they desire.   

5 the hawk technology

4 the hawk technology

Trestle Sidewall

The trusted trestle sidewall is a proven design providing increased lateral, torsional and vertical compression resistance and overall stiffness.    

Grooved Scoop
Grooved scoop face helps the ball “jump” into pocket when picking up ground balls.


3 the hawk technology

Made In The USA

The Hawk is manufactured with pride in the USA using select hardened steel, single core with side action press mold that utilizes a one minute-plus cycle time. 

2 the hawk technology