The Shot: Zack Dorn

Studio 22 – July 17, 2014


Zack Dorn is a regular guy from Chicago who loves to play lacrosse and possesses the ability to shoot a lacrosse ball 116 mph plus. He works at lacrosse retailer The Lax Shop in Chicago, IL, where he fired off a non-official world record of 118 mph using an Epoch Dragonfly Gen.5 C30 shaft and some Otter Mesh that he grabbed off the shelf. It wasn’t long before a video of Zack’s 118 mph hit the Internet and went viral. Word spread quickly and with the encouragement of his friends, Zack set a goal to break the record of 114 mph and have it officially recognized. As fate would have it, an opportunity presented itself and he was off to Boston to attend Major League Lacrosse’s All-Star Weekend with the goal of winning the fast shot contest in the fan zone and earn himself a chance to go against the pros at halftime. The rest, as they say, is history. Zack shot 107 mph in the fan zone and at halftime competing against the best lacrosse players in the world, Zack set a new world record of 116 mph. “My life changed immediately,” said Dorn. “I actually had a kid ask me to sign his forehead and Paul Carcaterra tweeted about me. It was awesome and to have my life change immediately was Epoch.”

The following is a film that gives you a behind the scenes look at Zack’s preparation prior to the contest and a retrospective look of how his life changed following this historic event.

A special thanks to: Zack Dorn for letting Epoch be a part of this amazing story and journey; Empty Duck Digital ( and String King Lacrosse ( for manufacturing support of Otter Mesh; The Lax Shop ( for being such a good partner and supporting Zack and Epoch.

Epoch would like to thank Major League Lacrosse and its players, affiliates and sponsors for being gracious enough for providing Zack the opportunity to showcase his skills on a national stage.