A Hint of Normal: Commemorating the PLL Championship Series

2020 has been a year unlike any other. We’ve lost a lot – jobs, lives, normalcy, and so much more. Professional sports fall into that list too: the NHL and NBA stopped midseason, and leagues with summer seasons, like the PLL, were postponed or cancelled altogether. But in the PLL’s case, a cancellation of a normal summer season didn’t deter league administration from getting creative and coming up with solutions to problems with health and safety. Thanks to their efforts and hard work, the idea for the Championship Series was born. All players in a bubble in Utah, 2 full weeks of lacrosse, and a glimpse of normal life that we’ve all been looking for since March.


And the PLL Championship Series has been absolutely incredible so far. Elite level talent is on the field almost every night, with rookies stepping up and veterans providing leadership when their teams need it most. Even though the end of the Series is approaching, we can still look forward to a few more games of fantastic, competitive lacrosse being played at the highest level. Plus, it’s safe to say that none of us will forget these past two weeks anytime soon – the games, the plays, and the circumstances will live on for a while.


But to commemorate this unique moment in sports history, Epoch is proud to introduce the PLL Championship Series Dragonfly shaft. Featuring a design that captures the beauty of the Salt Lake City landscape and Zions Bank Stadium, the Championship Series Dragonfly shaft pays homage to the sensational, lacrosse-filled days that we’ve all been able to enjoy from July 25th to August 9th. Available in limited quantities, grab yours today and be sure to watch and enjoy the last few games of the Series.

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