Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Limb made for Running and Swimming

TomoNews US –¬†August 12, 2013

A team of students from Sydney and London have developed a new prosthetic limb called Mur-ra to allow wearers to run on sand and swim in the ocean faster than able-bodied people. According to reports, the prosthesis is designed for high-performance watersports and beach activities.

A carbon-fibre backbone supports the wearer’s body weight which at the same time is flexible and creates energy during running or walking. According to reports, pairs of fins along the front, inspired by the dorsal fin of the sailfish which is able of swimming 100 metres in under five seconds, give thrust when kicking.

According to the Daily Mail, “The split-toe foot with studs provides a larger surface area that improves balance on soft and uneven terrains.

“The limb has been made to be lightweight and durable and could also be used daily on other terrains and during other sports.”

By providing an extra amount of thrust, the device not only helps a person to swim but could potentially be used also by able bodied swimmers to outperform. According to the Murr-ma website, the design is just a prototype and there are no immediate plans to sell it commercially.