Carbon Fiber Technology Continues To Advance In The World Of Olympic Swimming

Photo courtesy of: Innovia Technology | May 19, 2016

Allasyn Lieneck

Innovia Technology and Arena International, one of the world’s leading swimwear brands, have been collaborating since 2008 to understand how they can create the most innovative swimwear available. Back in 2012, competitors at the London Olympics wore the arena POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suit, which introduced the use of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber cage is worked into the suit’s woven fabric and gives the swimmers maximized support and control where they need it.

When looking back at the athletes who have used this technology, the results do not lie. In London, swimmers using the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suit won 35 metals, ten of which where gold and broke four world records. Then at the Kazan World Championships in 2015, they shattered another four world records and 24 gold medals were obtained.

Now it’s 2016, and the next line of swimwear has been unveiled: the POWERSKIN Carbon-Ultra.

This suit introduces an internal structure called the Ultra-Link System. This system is able to increase efficiency and is able to improve the swimmer’s body position by connecting certain muscle groups and isolating upper and lower body movements.

Some of the other components of the suit include the Ultra-cage, the Infinity-Loop, the X-Pivot and the Ultra-Compression Panels. Each is specially designed to improve the suit through compression, support and tension with the use of carbon fiber.

Arena already has professional athletes endorsing the product after using them during trial laps. Swedish swimmer, and four-time world champion, Sarah Sjostrom said, “The key strength of the new Carbon-Ultra is that I feel I have greater movement in the water.”

After the previous performances swimmers had with the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suit the past few years, there is much anticipation to see what the POWERSKIN Carbon-Ultra can do at the 2016 Rio Olympics to help these elite athletes crush world-records and win gold.