Choose Your Men’s Dragonfly.

Featuring Epoch’s new Technology: SVT


You Inspire us.

We know how hard you work on and off the field and your dedication as an athlete inspires our engineers to elevate their game in the lab. Your demand for pure performance has driven us to new heights and our journey has led us to create our latest technology – Surface Veil Technology. Epoch’s newest technology; SVT improves the Dragonfly by increasing the overall “toughness,” by helping to eliminating micro-fractures, without adding additional weight.

The Future is now.

Carbon Fiber/Composite lacrosse shafts are the fastest growing category in the game – and Epoch is leading the charge. Now is the time to elevate your game and try a Dragonfly for yourself. Engineered with advanced aerospace grade composite materials like Carbon Fiber, the Dragonfly Eight is loaded with technologies such as Flex iQ, Torque Box2, A.C.L and our newest tech-point for Surface Veil Technology. The Dragonfly Eight is built in your own backyard right here in the US.




New for 2018, our exclusive Surface Veil Technology (SVT) is engineered to increase the overall “toughness” of the Dragonfly Eight. Epoch does this by adding an additional layer of a highly engineered material to the outer surface area of the shaft. During the manufacturing process the material is heated, causing it to become integral to the carbon fiber layup. SVT acts as an additional layer of protection, by helping to prevent micro fractures, increasing the longevity of your Dragonfly Eight.

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