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Featuring Epoch’s new Technology: SVT

Strong. Durable. Unforgettable.

The future is now, join the carbon fiber revolution. The 2019 Dragonfly Integra gains improved durability through a new resin system and stands out amongst the competition. We focused on the design of the Dragonfly Integra shaft so you, the player, can focus on your game. Proudly made in the USA.. 

HD Resin

Our engineers have been working with our US based material suppliers for over 2 years on the latest resin technology specifically for our Dragonfly family of shafts. The main target was to optimize mechanical strength properties especially in impact resistance. To accomplish this, we worked with our engineers to make sure the new resin system showed improvement and also worked within our proprietary manufacturing process. Our team worked tirelessly to make sure it was accurate and aligned with the manufacturing processes to produce even better shafts with improved durability. 

Integra Gloves

Otter Mesh