Choose Your Men’s Dragonfly.

Featuring Epoch’s new HD Resin and Flex iQ

More than a name, Dragonfly Nine is part of a legacy.

The Dragonfly Nine is the most technologically advanced shaft in the game, built on years of design, innovation, and engineering. This year Epoch has truly challenged their own legacy, taking the legendry Dragonfly name to new heights. Introducing their new HD Resin Technology and adding flex iQ options for 2019; engineered to change and redefine your game. Be part of Epoch history and step on the field with a Dragonfly Nine. The carbon fiber revolution is happening, and Epoch is leading the way.

Make your choice, flex at every level.

Epoch’s Flex iQ allows athletes with different playing styles to elevate their game. Keeping to tradition, Dragonfly Nine will feature their flagship Flex iQ’s but will also introduce two new flexes. One of Dragonfly Nine’s newest flex iQ’s will be iQ2 for all Attack and Midfield C, E, and X geometries. The iQ2 is our stiffest flex option and is designed for those step-down shooters who benefit from a stiffer shaft to help transfer their own energy through the entire stick when passing and shooting. With close defenders in mind, Epoch also added an iQ3 to the Defense 60” line up. Designed for close defenders who throw precision checks and getting the ball up the field as quickly as possible. Flex engineered for every player at every level of the game.

HD Resin: Increased Performance

Epoch’s engineers have been working with their US based material suppliers for over 2 years on the latest resin technology specifically for their Dragonfly family of shafts. The main target was to optimize mechanical strength properties especially in impact resistance. To accomplish this, Epoch worked with their engineers to make sure the new resin system showed improvement and also worked within their proprietary manufacturing process to produce even better shafts with improved durability. HD Resin improves the overall shaft but also adds direct benefits to each of Epoch’s Technologies, giving you, the player, a better shaft and increased performance for your game.

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