Dragonfly Review by Lacrosse All Stars

Lacrosse All Stars – September 10, 2013

Company: Epoch Lacrosse / Product: Gen4 Shaft / Price: ~$130

Epoch’s new line of shafts, the Gen4 version, are popping up in retailers across the country. Epoch sent over a great selection of their shafts for us to review, and after putting them to the test, we’re ready with our verdict!

Appearance… +7.5

The Epoch shafts are designed to be eye catching, but not overpowering. They come in black or silver, and have neon green accents. They aren’t overly flashy, and by sticking with black and silver, Epoch has kept it classic. Big fan of this move. People do love different color combinations though, and I’d love to see a couple more options in the future. My guess is it’s only a matter of time.

Grip… +10.0

I’m a big grip guy. I want so much grip on my stick that I typically tape the entire shaft, all the way up. With the Epoch shafts, I have not had to do this right away. The factory grip is outstanding. Unfortunately, as with all grippy shafts, the roughness does wear down eventually. I’ll be taping the entire shaft some day, but for now, a couple months in, it’s still good to go.

The other factor when it comes to grip are the different shapes of shafts available. Epoch makes a number of different shaft cross sections, and the fact that you can get the same shaft, just in different shapes, is a definite plus. Another neat feature of the goalie stick is an additional rubber grip at the bottom and midpoint of the shaft. I’ve never seen anything like it before. [click here to read full article]