Ep. 3: Traditional Pockets

When the Europeans first spotted Native Americans playing lacrosse chances are they were playing with sticks with pockets made from animal skin (leather) and insides (gut). These pockets are the foundation of what the modern lacrosse pocket has become.   Traditional or “Trady” pockets are typically constructed using four leather runners woven together with cross lace or “gut” and a couple shooting strings to help the ball release when throwing or shooting. For this episode we will take a look at where traditional Pockets came from and how they have changed. We will get insight and thoughts from Flip Naumberg – Creator of Rock-it Pocket, Justin Skaggs – COO Stylin’ Strings, Joe Williams – Founder of Throne of Sting, Tim Roche – Owner of Salty Strings.



Flip Naumburg is perhaps one of the most important influencers of the lacrosse community. Flip created the Rock-it Pocket and created the first curved head. He has a vast knowledge of lacrosse and has more insight to share then most. With his experience he understands what it takes to be innovative and also what it takes to truly improve the game.


Justin Skaggs, COO of stylin strings, has a vast knowledge of lacrosse and brings an artistic eye to stringing. While working at stylin strings, justin has perfected his crafted and developed a keen “stringers eye” when breaking down a pocket. Justin truly understands the foundation of lacrosse pockets and knows when necessary change needs to happen.


Joseph Williams, the IV is the founder of Throne of String, grew up in Ohio where he was a big hockey and lacrosse fan. Attending the Parsons School of design, Joe became well educated in design, materials and products. Using his skills Joe has created his own mesh, traditional variant and more. Joe brings an extensive knowledge when it comes to stringing and innovation.


Tim Roche, creator of Salty Strings, has been stringing for years. He has a deep appreciation for the evolution of the lacrosse pocket. Although Tim values traditional methods, he is someone who is not afraid to introduce new concepts to stringing. Tim has shown this through his creation of the Eagles Nest, and Paracord pockets.

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