Ep. 5: Plastic Heads

This months episode we take a look at plastic heads and dive into the history of how they came about and the process to develop one now a days. For this episode we have Justin Skaggs from Styling Strings and Tyler Snyder of Gait Lacrosse. These two help us take a deep dive into plastic heads.



Justin Skaggs, COO of stylin strings, has a vast knowledge of lacrosse and brings an artistic eye to stringing. While working at stylin strings, justin has perfected his crafted and developed a keen “stringers eye” when breaking down a pocket. Justin truly understands the foundation of lacrosse pockets and knows when necessary change needs to happen.


Tyler Snyder is a Category Manager at Gait Lacrosse. He is a lacrosse enthusiast and also is a collector of equipment. Tyler is known to have 250+ heads from different generations. He brings extensive knowledge to this podcast with a keen eye for the game and what is out there.

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