The lacrosse stick is, without a doubt, the most individualized piece of equipment in all of sports. Players can make their sticks unique by the way they string the head, an example of this would be color coordinating the shooting strings and leathers or mesh or the tape job and color that they use on their shafts. However, one particular method gives players the most freedom to, once they step on the field, show off who they are away from the game, what team they play for or to show off certain style — how players dye their heads. For this podcast we look at Dyed heads and get insight from Justin SKaggs from Stylin’ Strings, Keith Switzer from Dye Lab Creations, Rebecca Fretty from Rit Dye and Mark Donahue from Lacrosse All-Stars.



Justin Skaggs, COO of stylin strings, has a vast knowledge of lacrosse and brings an artistic eye to stringing. While working at stylin strings, justin has perfected his crafted and developed a keen “stringers eye” when breaking down a pocket. Justin truly understands the foundation of lacrosse pockets and knows when necessary change needs to happen.


Keith Switzer is a lax guru with his brother Kevin Switzer. Both are avid lacrosse players. In the last few months they have started a dying company called Dye Labs Creations. These two are coming out with some amazing and unique dyes.


Mark Donahue is the Editor of, where he leads content production, oversees creative, and keeps his finger on the pulse of the game. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Mark has been a lacrosse addict since age 10. He became one of the youngest NCAA lacrosse referees at the age of 21 and has dedicated the past ten years to officiating at all levels of play. Mark’s passion for lacrosse is known to be contagious, and his favorite thing to do is grow the game.


Rebecca Fretty serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Rit Dye, overseeing branding, sales and strategic partnerships. She spearheaded the launch of, an online community empowering crafters to connect and share their DIY projects. An avid crafter and self-proclaimed “dye-hard” herself, Rebecca is a fan of lacrosse and has developed a sincere appreciation for the creativity the game unleashes.

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