Epoch iD Jr. Player Glove

Engineered for the U10 lacrosse player, the iDjr. Gloves provide great protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Some of the key features of the iDjr Gloves include an adjustable wrist strap, allowing the glove to fit growing hands, and flexible thumb, for comfort and protection. In addition, the ergonomic breaks and one-piece palms help keep player’s hands nimble whileproviding maximum feel. Engineered with our doublefoam stack for added protection in key areas and breathable textured fabric with a vented one-piece palmfor increased ventilation.


iDjr. Starter Kit: $110

Epoch Technology
Product Details

Player Level: U10
SAvailable in Gray/White
Size: Junior Small, Junior Medium, Junior Large
MSRP: $50
Lightweight for quickness
Adjustable Wrist Strap
PU Leather and Ventilated Fabric
Double Layer Dual Density Foam: Yes
Nash, vented, reinforced one-piece palm
Extended Cuff: Yes
Warranty: 30-days

Dual Density Foam

Protection is paramount in the design of all lacrosse equipment. We created Density Foam Stacks in iDjr. which gives you the required protection at the U10 level.

Extended Cuff

We extended the cuff allowing the protective portion to remain out of the way when you flex your wrist, improving your range of motion while also providing you with the comfort you protection required at the U10 level.

Nash, Vented, Reinforced Palm

The material used in the construction of the palm was  carefully considered.  The Epoch iDjr. features a nash, vented, reinforced palm.

iDjr. Glove: $50

iDjr. Shoulder Pads: $56

iDjr. Arm Pad: $30

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