Epoch Labs showcases our superior in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities allowing us to prove out concepts and develop products the market is not currently accustomed to. 

Quite simply, players aren’t asking for these products because they don’t know they are available.

Untouchable, elusive with a touch of flash.  

Speed – that’s your game. You have the slickest stick and incredible vision but you also have THE fastest feet on the field. You get to the net through elusive moves, dives, immaculate dodges and dunks. Some people call it a highlight reel or swagger but you just call it doing your job. Your number one objective is to get the ball in the back of the net – by any means possible. 

This epoch_labs series consists of 3 shafts that use advanced materials compared to our other lines. There is an attack(iQ2), midfield(iQ5) and women’s(iQ9) shaft.

We are also introducing our new Intelligent Weave Pro that will come in a 12k weave (Mid &Women’s) and for the first time Ultra Spread tow (Attack).

The above Graph shows how the Dragonfly Air compares to our other shaft families in weight and durability. This is one of the lightest shafts and you can see how it relates to other families as the weight goes up. The dragonfly Air is extremely light and is designed for speed players, those untouchable athletes on the field.

Integra Gloves

Otter Mesh

Dragonfly Nine