F30 product video by Lax.com

Lax.com – Nov 11, 2014

www.lax.com – The 2015 Gen.5 F30 is an innovative new shaft design made specifically for the face-off specialist. Realizing that the face-off is one of the most important aspects of the game, Epoch designed this shaft with two unique geometries to improve feel and clamping power during the draw.

The top half of the draw features Epoch’s MOTOGrip design which has a shape that improves the connection between your hands and the stick. This shape also has a larger flat surface that allows for increased clamping power and torque during the face-off while the neon green provides a contrasting color to a players gloves and head.

The bottom half of the shaft features Epoch’s concave geometry that provides a standard shape for comfortable passing and shooting after you win the draw. 

Recommended for any FOGO out there, the Epoch F-30 is now available at Lax.com:

Epoch F-30 – http://www.lax.com/lacrosse-equipment…