Forbes - A Lacrosse Brand Shows Its Colors | May 22, 2015

Steve Olenski

I am, by no means, a lacrosse fan but being a Philadelphian I am fully aware that this weekend the 2015 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships will come to the City of Brotherly Love.

As such I figured what better time than now to share the story of a lacrosse brand that has consistently used the color PMS 382 throughout all of its products including its Limited Edition 382c Hawk, which they released last November. 

The brand is Epoch Lacrosse. Based in Minnesota they manufacture lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world-class materials and manufacturing techniques.

They are clearly devoted to this particular color. Catch the 382 in the name of the limited edition piece above? Not a coincidence. [click here to read more]