iD X Bicep Pads

The iD X Bicep Pads are built for the emerging box lacrosse player. Engineered with some of the most popular features and technology, such as a hard-Shell Exterior for protection and an adjustable strap for the perfect fit. Epoch’s iD X Bicep Pads are meant to be used in the toughest arenas and provide ample protection and comfort at an incredible value.


Epoch Technology
Product Details

Player Level: U14/Elite
Available in Black
Size: Medium, Large
MSRP: $25
Hard Shell Exterior: Yes
Warranty: 30-days

Hard Shell Exterior

Engineered for the Elite box player using a split design to increase mobility but also adding a hard shell to the exterior for the perfect amount of protection.

Bicep Pads: $40

Kidney Pads: $50

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