Integra Player Glove

Our game-changing Integra Glove incorporates Phase Change Technology, Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack and flexible carbon fiber for lightweight but effective protection. To maximize feel, design and control our engineers have once again raised the bar on lacrosse technology as illustrated by seamless fingertips, one-piece palm, extended cuff and overall ergonomic design. If you or your team are in the market for new gloves, the Integra should be at the top of your list. Live.Play.Be.

Epoch Technology
Product Details

Available in White, Gray and Black
Size: 12” (Medium) 13” (Large) 14” (Extra Large)
MSRP: $155
Carbon Fiber: Yes
Phase Change Technology: Yes
Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam: Yes
Seamless Fingertips: Yes
Extended Cuff: Yes
One-Piece Palm: Yes
Warranty: 30-days


Our engineers are lacrosse players, and know lacrosse inside and out and what advanced players are looking for in their protective equipment. They were set out to create the ultimate lacrosse protective gear sourcing the most technologically superior materials available in their creation – Phase Change Technology, Carbon Fiber and Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack.

Phase Change Technology

Our engineers sourced this high performance textile from the aerospace industry where it has been used with great success lining the space suits of astronauts to regulate their body temperatures.  Phase Change Technology is engineered to absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort and moisture control.  The new Phase Change Technology used in our Integra gloves, arm guards and shoulder pads senses your body heat and reacts accordingly.  Micro crystals within the material (which are always at a consistent room temperature) absorb and melt (similar to an ice cube) when you sweat to cool you down. When you get cold, the Micro crystals then turn to a solid, contract and form a shield to preserve your body heat and warm you up. 

Carbon Fiber

Our Integra Plaeyrs Glove uses a non-rigid stabilized carbon fiber that is an extremely lightweight and “flexible” carbon fiber that has improved impact protection and is also resistant to abrasions.  Our engineers incorporated Carbon Fiber into the design of our glove utilizing it to protect the thumb and back of the hand.  Carbon Fiber is also used in other high impact areas such as the elbow caps of the arm pads and the bicep pads on the Integra Shoulder Pads.

Tri-layer Dual Density Foam

Protection is paramount in the design of all lacrosse equipment. We created a Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack, which layers up the foam (in stacks) with the softer foam on the bottom layer and a denser polyethylene on the top layer for hit/impact protection.

Seamless Fingertips

We eliminated the gusset of the index and pinky fingers and found that by placing the stitching on the inside of the fingers reduced the amount of seams and stitches from the fingertips and ultimately resulted in an improved connection between a player’s hands and their shaft. The material used in the construction of the palm was also carefully considered.  The Integra gloves feature a one-piece palm made with Ax Suede for its moisture wicking characteristics, superior feel and control.

Extended Cuff

Players also made it clear that they wanted gloves with a cuff that moved with their style of play while also being protective.  Up until now gloves have had big/bulky cuffs that either reduced the movement of your wrist, or were so small that they offered little to no protection.  We took a unique approach and extended the cuff allowing the protective portion to remain out of the way when you flex your wrist (great for face-off guys), improving your range of motion while also providing you with the comfort you desire.  The Integra gloves also feature a removable cuff strap so players can custom tailor the fit of their gloves to match the style of their play.

One-Piece Palm

The material used in the construction of the palm was  carefully considered.  The Integra gloves feature a one-piece palm made with Ax Suede for its moisture wicking characteristics, superior feel and control.

Integra Arm Pads

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