Mainely Mesh Reviews The Hawk

Chris Burke, founder of Mainely Mesh and a member of Epoch’s #382Crew, recently reviewed Epoch’s Hawk.

Chris is a native of Portland, Maine with a full decade of stringing experience. Chris is one of 382 Crews most enthusiastic members, known for his fun antics and humor; Chris always gives great reviews and insight for players.

Chris starts off this video by bringing up the material The Hawks is made out of. The Hawk uses a proprietary composite injected polymer with UV protection; which provides optimal strength & durability, delivering maximum energy transfer for improved velocity in all climate conditions.

This then leads Chris into discussing The Hawks structure. As you watch the video you can see The Hawk has a trusted trestle sidewall design, which provides increased lateral, torsional and vertical compression resistance and overall stiffness. Chris does a great job of explaining this by using a bridge structure to compare The Hawk ‘s sidewall structure too.

One of the last things Chris talks about is the string-ability of this head. What is brought up during this is how The Hawk has a High Pocket design. The Hawk had a laid back profile which forces the ball higher in the head. So when you string up The Hawk the pocket will always want to sit high and right below the shooting strings. During this, Chris talks about how to create a channel when stringing this head.

Brian Hochman, Lead Designer at Epoch, recommends stringing one up and trying it out. “The pattern Chris uses is a very unique but provides a great high pocket with optimal hold and release.

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