Dragonfly Pro III Defense/LSM


The New Dragonfly Pro III C60 is engineered for the strongest defensive players on the field. Boasting new P-Core technology, the Pro III 60” is unmatched in performance, from defending and throwing precision checks to pushing the ball in transition. Designed and engineered in the USA, the Dragonfly Pro III Defense/LSM features the best of Epoch technology including A.C.L. Pro, S.V.T., HD Resin, and Reload tech. Available in a C geometry and in a Flex iQ8.



The Dragonfly Pro III is the best when it comes to strength, durability, and technology.

Troy Reh
Defenseman - PLL

increased strength, durability and performance.

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New for 2023 – Epoch’s P-Core uses an advanced manufacturing process to enhance the overall shaft and core technologies within the Dragonfly Pro III structure. This manufacturing process improves the composite layup to provide a uniformed core that increases the shaft’s strength and durability. As a result, P-Core gives athletes a shaft that is built for fast-paced play and stands up to the toughest competition.
Flex iQ

We achieve flex by manipulating the orientation of the carbon fiber. Our shaft’s bend when you need it to, but retains its firmness for maximum control. Conventional shafts that tout flex often use fiberglass, a cheaper, less durable material, to increase the bendability. Don’t sacrifice your game, choose Epoch.

Attack/Midfield Flex iQ Chart
Flex Profiles
Speed – Flex iQ8
You consider yourself an aggressive LSM or offensive-minded defender who’s looking for more out of his gear. You need a shaft that is strong enough to defend the goal with a soft enough flex to bring the ball through transition as you look for the assist or shot on goal

Fiber Areal Weight

The Dragonfly utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber pre-preg with a lower Fiber Areal Weight (F.A.W.) than conventional shafts. These smaller, lighter fibers allow for a tighter orientation of the carbon fiber. More fibers equals increased durability.

HD Resin

HD Resin optimizes the mechanical strength properties especially in impact resistance. Epoch worked with their engineers to make sure the new resin system showed improvement and also worked within their proprietary manufacturing process to produce even better shafts with improved durability. HD Resin improves the overall shaft but also adds direct benefits to each of Epoch’s Technologies, giving you, the player, a better shaft and increased performance for your game


Surface Veil Technology(S.V.T.) gives another layer of added protection and is a layer of very thin fabric that is used in the military and aerospace manufacturing, wrapped on the outside of the carbon. When the SVT goes through the manufacturing process, it is heated to become part of the carbon fiber layup, which boosts toughness on the field

Made in America

The Epoch Dragonfly is Made in America with Pride. With access to the world’s best engineers, raw materials and the latest manufacturing processes. Epoch continues to lead the development of technology in the lacrosse by designing, engineering, manufacturing in-house.

A.C.L. Pro

Our Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.) is engineered for the best of the best. A.C.L. uses advanced materials and layers low F.A.W., uni-directional carbon fiber pre-preg in a specific manner we can control several aspects of the shaft’s performance, including flex, durability, weight and release point.

Lower F.A.W.

The Dragonfly Pro utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg with a lower Fiber Areal Weight (F.A.W. ) than conventional shafts. These smaller, lighter fibers allow for a tighter orientation of the carbon fiber. More fibers equals increased durability.

Torque Box Pro

Torque Box technology is designed to maintain the continuity of the shaft’s geometry and maximize energy transfer to the head during a pass or shot. As a conventional composite shaft flexes, the natural geometry of the shaft can be compromised initiating ovalization of the shaft, resulting in the loss of energy. Torque Box Pro technology improves and optimizes the transfer of energy in the shaft, maximizing performance and playability.

Reload Technology

When passing or shooting, a load is introduced to the shaft causing it to flex back, which causes the carbon fibers to be stretched along the front of the shaft and compressed along the back. Reload Technology takes advantage of this situation by using low F.A.W. (Fiber Areal Weight) and high-modulus carbon fiber, which creates urgency for the fibers to return to their natural position for maximum recoil.
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