Dragonfly Pro Techno Defense


The Epoch Dragonfly has a legacy of innovation on the defensive end of the field and the Dragonfly Pro Techno-Color Defensive/LSM continues that lineage. From advanced technology to unmatched performance, it makes for one unforgettable shaft. The Dragonfly Pro Techno-Color has a bold look with a splash of color that is designed and engineered for the best defensive player. Made in the USA, this Dragonfly is packed full of Epoch Technology.  Dragonfly Pro Defense/LSM will only be available in a C geometry and engineered with Epochs A.C.L Pro. Additionally, it will feature S.V.T, HD Resin, Reload Technology and available in a Flex iQ’s 8.




  • Position: Defense/LSM
  • Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
  • Top Coat: Slip/Grip
  • HD Resin: Yes
  • Surface Veil Technology (S.V.T): Yes
  • Torque Box 2 Technology: Yes
  • Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L Pro): Yes
  • Reload Technology: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
  • Made in USA
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