The Prequel lacrosse head improves upon the traditional curved profile by incorporating our Laid Back Technology creating a new hybrid design.  The Zone 3 pocket creates a natural “Sweet Spot” and a perfect mid-pocket for unmatched ball control. Designed for the one-handed dodger looking for a quicker release than most conventional heads available. The Prequel’s design offers one of the deepest pockets in the game, it’s Lie provides a quicker release than any other head in it’s class because we engineered the distance the ball has to travel to be shorter




  • Flex iQ: 3
  • Profile: Curved
  • Pocket Location: Zone 3 Mid-Pocket
  • Spec: Universal
  • Head Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
  • Material: Composite Injected Polymer
  • Made in USA

Performance, Beauty, and Strength.

Sharing many of the aesthetic design elements of the Sequel, the Prequel’s clean lines and attention to detail resulted in a head engineered for today’s top players. In the past, conventional lacrosse heads often made players choose between a deep pocket or a quick release. Epoch’s engineers, however, do not believe that players should be limited by decision. That is why the team created a lacrosse head that shares performance, beauty, and strength.

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