Purpose 10° Limited Edition Monochromatic Complete


The Purpose 10° Limited Edition Monochromatic Complete is engineered down to the smallest detail and proven at the highest level. Custom dyed to match each purpose shaft, the Purpose 10° designed, manufactured, and tied up right here in the USA with 3D Elite Mesh, and features Epoch’s patent pending 10-degree bottom rail. The 10-degree bottom rail technology is built to give you performance benefits when playing inside (I.T.8.) and outside (O.T.8.) the 8-meter, giving versatile players a high pocket for feel and control. The Purpose 10-Degree is on a Dragonfly Purpose for those driven to win on the field.

Please Note: Due to the complexity of dyeing we are not responsible for minor shade variations of color or fade location. There can be irregularities in the dye job due to plastic and spotting near injection areas. We cannot guarantee your dye job will be free of minor imperfections.

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