PT I The Hawk w/ Mesh: Cameron Denker

First off, I am going to start with my overall first reaction of the Hawk. I thought it was really interesting when I first unboxed it. The lack of offset on the top rail seemed kind of strange but after I strung it up I realized that the offset in the bottom rail made up for the lack of the offset in the top. I really like the matte feel of the hawk and the overall face shape is exactly what I’m looking for in a head.


I strung up the hawk with the best mesh out there, otter mesh, and gave it a really defined high pocket which can shift low for one handed cradling. I strung it up with one shooter and one nylon. This string job is 100% NFHS/NCAA legal!


photo 1




-The hawk took the pocket with mesh I strung in it very well!


-When stringing the hawk with mesh, I learned that with the lack of offset in the top rail you might think “Oh, well now I have to string this head with more whip to make up for the lack of offset.” DONT THINK THIS! The lack of offset is made up for by the increase in offset in the bottom rail. I learned you have to just string the stick how you would normally string a stick and everything will work out.


-This head is PERFECT for stringing a high pocket. The offset in the bottom rail allows you to place your pocket right on that offset and also allows for the pocket to shift low for one handed cradling and dodging from “X.”


-This offset also allows for your pocket to reach the maximum legality without being considered illegal.


-Overall I give the hawk strung up with mesh a 9.9/10!!


Thank you guys so much!


Cameron Denker