Inspired by Italian supercars, The Hawk Sequel men’s lacrosse head is engineered for maximum speed, power and control. The Laid-Back profile caters to players who prefer a mid-high pocket and a quick release. The various stringing options allow players to string multiple pockets types including those with a tight channel to a shifty pocket for all around performance. The Sequel is designed for the two-handed dodger looking for a quicker release than most conventional heads available.

Epoch Technology
Product Details

Flex iQ: 3
Profile: Laid Back
Pocket Location: Zone 34 Mid/High
Spec: Universal
Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
Made in USA
Material: Composite Injected Polymer
MSRP: $100 USD

Speed. Power. Control.

The top and bottom rail geometry of The Sequel delivers a level of sophistication lacrosse players have long desired. The clean, crisp and bold design elements help form tight and narrow channel defining the face shape and extends the length of the side profile just past the rounded shoulders before disappearing into the scoop. The mid-rail design seemingly extends from the shaft creating optimal lateral, vertical and torsional stiffness for perfect balance of performance and feel. The top rail highlights the Hawk’s Laid-Back Technology with a gently sloping arch that increases away from the central axis keeping the ball deep below the hands for maximized feel.

Mathematically better.

We are introducing three new points of reference, or measurements, that correlate to specific performance attributes. We have identified that, often, players are looking for a head with a “quick release” enabling them to throw a swift, fast, pass or shot. The other performance element desired by the games top players is a head that is “most-offset”, creating ultimate ball control and feel. We use the center axis of the shaft as a major point of reference when calculating measurements because it is a constant on all brands. More importantly, however, the center axis allows the measurements to be calculated in relationship to a player’s hands.”

We are introducing three new terms to the lacrosse market.

Lie: The distance the scoop “lies” from the center axis of the shaft.

Sweet Spot: The particular position on the bottom rail of a lacrosse head that is the furthest distance from the center axis of the shaft. The Sweet Spot sits at the vertex – the point of the bottom rail that stops curving down from the center axis of the shaft – and begins to curve back up towards the this center point of reference.

Travel: The distance the ball has to move to be released from the head when using the sweet spot as a starting point.

Mid/High Pocket Design

The Sequel’s laid back profile is engineered for that perfect Zone 4 mid to high pocket and allows for a lightening quick release, superior ball control and maximum feel.

Proudly made in USA

The Sequel has a Universal Spec and is manufactured with Epoch’s proprietary blend of materials for a super tough polymer with maximized stiffness and flexibility properties with UV protection. The Sequel is manufactured with pride in the USA and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Laid Back Profile

The laid back profile  keeps the ball tucked under the shooting strings when cradling and dodging for maximum hold, while providing an optimal release point and improving ball trajectory when passing and shooting.

Composite Injected Polymer

The Sequel is constructed with state-of-the-art materials by utilizing an industry first and proprietary composite injected polymer, providing not only optimal strength and durability but maximum energy transfer for improved velocity.