StarTribune - Epoch Lacrosse

Photo courtesy of Jerry Holt | Aug. 16, 2014 – 3:33PM

Patrick Kennedy

Start-up Epoch Lacrosse brings new designs and materials to North America’s oldest team sport.

Eden Prairie-based upstart Epoch Lacrosse is making a splash in the lacrosse equipment market with a brand that embraces technology. The company is utilizing new designs and new materials to compete with established brands in one of North America’s oldest and fastest-growing team sports.

Epoch caught the attention of elite-level lacrosse players at this year’s Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game on June 26. An amateur wielding an Epoch stick strung with its Otter mesh won the fastest shot competition with a record-setting 116 miles per hour shot.

Co-founder James Miceli launched Epoch in 2011 and aims to create products that go beyond the incremental changes to legacy sticks and pockets. “We have a product you can put in your hands and feel the difference,” Miceli said. “We are winning because of the research and development we are putting into the product.”

A lacrosse stick is made up of three components, a shaft, a head and mesh that forms the head’s pocket. Epoch started by developing a carbon-fiber shaft. Carbon-fiber can be tricky to work with and some initial attempts by other manufacturers to develop carbon-fiber shafts didn’t work well. [click here to read more]