Team USA’s Bobsled, Luge & Skeleton get Carbon Fiber Tune-Up

Image courtesy of Photostar

Danielle Elliot – CBS News – February 7, 2014

Michael Scully knew he wouldn’t fully grasp the sport of bobsled until he experienced it for himself. The creative director of BMW Designworks USA, Scully is among a group of world-class engineers that the U.S. Olympic sliding teams – luge, bobsled and skeleton – tapped to help overhaul their equipment.

A champion on the car-racing circuit, Scully thought he could handle a bobsled run. As they stepped to the frozen track, bathed in white lights amidst an otherwise pitch-black night in late 2011, Scully held his camera up over his head.

Steven Holcomb, the pilot who had steered the four-man bobsled team to gold in Vancouver, laughed at him. You’re going to want to put that down, he advised.

By the time they reached the first corner, Scully had heeded Holcomb’s advice.

“The level of force, it was so incredible that you end up with your head between your knees as far as you can go,” he recalls. “It’s absolute chaos to get to the bottom, a level of force and vibration and violence that I was incredibly taken aback by.”

It was these chaotic moments that helped shape the sled that Team USA will drive at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. [click here to read more]