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In the 90’s, the game of lacrosse introduced a revolutionary technology to the way heads were shaped, labeled as the “Offset”. This game-changing design gave the lacrosse head “more feel” of the ball when shooting, passing and cradling. For years manufacturers have used this “feel” blueprint to attempt to create the most innovative head design within the rules of the game. The overall dynamic of the game evolved solely because of a shift in the positioning of the ball due to head shape. Fast forward to 2014, Epoch, known for their evolutionary composite shaft technology is shocking the lacrosse industry with a head design that stands out from the rest: they call it the Hawk.

The Epoch Hawk lacrosse head was created with optimal feel and ball positioning in mind. At first glance anyone who is more concerned about cosmetic look over performance will be scared away by the design. Unlike its competitors, the Hawk’s design focuses on bottom sidewall rail placement with an offset upper 3rd face shape not just to provide optimal feel and control but also emphasizes accuracy in scooping ground balls and shooting/passing. Equipped with a “Universal Spec” face shape design for all levels of play, this head is not limited to specific positions rather it can be labeled as an all purpose head. The Hawk also delivers a fairly good balance of flex in the points of the head one needs for velocity while also provides adequate stiffness to maximize the overall structure of the head.

 Some words from the creators over at Epoch regarding the Hawk Head:

“Designed from the ground up, for today’s evolving style of play, The Hawk offers a mid/high-pocket design coveted by the game’s top players. Developed in collaboration with The legendary Flip Naumburg, the Hawk ushers in an era of modern superiority on the playing field.”

“The Hawk’s design is based on an extensive knowledge of nearly every head that has come to market in the past 30 years.  Our engineering team has studied and identified the strengths and weaknesses of each of them and it is with this vast understanding that The Hawk is designed to be the most technologically advanced head on the market.”

With the mesh or stringing materials industry constantly changing, it seems like daily, everyone is attempting to produce the “next best thing”. Epoch used their creative to bring together both worlds. Feel and control in the lacrosse head would only be optimized with the proper feel and consistency in the pocket. Now let’s take that philosophy and create a mesh that is a fraction of the weight, weather resistant and much more durable than your average mesh. Epoch created the perfect lacrosse marriage: The Hawk & Otter Mesh. Click the button below to shop for yours today on

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