Tie Up from Tama Lacrosse

Jason Ellison, owner of Tama Lacrosse, tied up and mailed us one awesome traditional pocket. This pocket is absolutely beautiful and what a great surprise to get in the mail from Tama. After receiving the pocket, Jason informed Epoch that this pocket is called the “Six Gun – Single Twist Traditional”. Jason, a former player and alumni from Hobart, said he was taught how to tie this pocket up by a friend from Syracuse in the 80’s.

This pocket uses a single twist Pita for the middle, which keeps the center simple and elegant. One of our favorite things about this pocket is the use of a 5th and 6th string between the sidewall and first leather to the outer plastics. Jason explains that he does this to help create a very precise channel for a traditional pocket and works well with The Hawks High Pocket design. Without a doubt, one of the most unique things that we love about this pocket is the leather being put in backwards on purpose. Jason explained that this is to create even more hold on the ball while cradling.

View Video Here.