Make It Epoch.

We live and breathe lacrosse. It’s who we are and it’s in our DNA. We do one thing and we do it exceptionally well — we elevate the game by utilizing forward-thinking designs and materials to create the world's best lacrosse equipment. In the end we know it’s about you, the player, because we play as well. We knew there was a way to reinvent the game of lacrosse. When you're ready to elevate your game, make it Epoch.

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Generations Ahead. Of Everyone.

We made our mark as the world’s leader in carbon fiber lacrosse shafts. Players from beginners to professionals have elevated their games in ways they never imagined possible. And our competitors are just beginning to wake up. Now it’s up to you to create your own Epoch moment.


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If it doesn’t say Dragonfly,  it’s not Epoch.

The Gen.4 Dragonfly is an evolution of the worlds most technologically advanced lacrosse shaft. Players and engineers work in harmony creating our next generation of Dragonfly shafts.

Find out what is the perfect Dragonfly for your game. 

Silver is the new white.

The Gen.4 Dragonfly is engineered with some serious technology on the inside that is complemented by clean, crisp, bold cosmetics on the outside. 

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2 flex


Put a little flex in your game.


With our Flex iQ System finding the Dragonfly that's right for your game has never been easier.

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