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Epoch Movement

Epoch is proud to introduce our Summer 2020 apparel collection; Movement. Inspired and Designed by Epoch Athletes, our Summer collections brings style, sophistication and function to the lacrosse world both on and off the field.

Using the latest in manufacturing advancements, each item is Made to Order (MTO) and processed using our Single Piece Flow Technology engineered to deliver high-quality, finely made goods right to your doorstep.   Our Single Piece Flow Technology is a departure from the mass-produced goods the apparel industry has traditionally relied on. With no minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) we are no longer bound by large purchase commitments that limit both creativity and ability to offer a full selection of gear. Each item is cut, decorated and sewn after the purchase is made, drastically eliminating waste, close-outs and ensures each garment is given artisan-like attention.

Connor Fields CF5 Collection

Silky smooth and buttery soft are words to describe Connor Fields game on the field. Those same descriptors can now be used when referring to CF5 2020 Summer Collection. Connor is the Elite of the Elite and multiple appearances on SCTOP10 highlight his incredible skills. Now you can look and feel like CF5 with his new collection of high-quality lifestyle and performance apparel.

Connor was looking for a collection of gear that would be great for a hot summer day and cool summer nights typical in Up-state New York. The CF5 collection delivers on that desire, from the Deephaven tee that feels like cotton candy to the Nokomis Hoodie with Tech Fleece that keeps you warm when needed.

The turtle island collection

Turtle Island Lacrosse was founded by current professional lacrosse players Randy Staats and Brendan Bomberry. The two have developed a curriculum to provide groups and individual players with access to the knowledge and experiences that they gained themselves during each stage of their careers. Their ultimate goal is to spread the knowledge of their culture as Haudenosaunee people and the game throughout Turtle Island and beyond.

A portion of the proceeds from the Turtle Island Apparel and Shaft Collection will go towards outreach missions that promote inclusion and growth in high need areas. These areas consist of Indigenous communities and inner-city programs. These outreach missions work to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the game gifted by the Creator. Turtle Island Lacrosse and Epoch Lacrosse believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to play this game and enjoy it. By supporting this apparel and shaft collection you are helping diminish the financial burdens associated with the modern game.

The Neugeneration Collection

Make a statement with this bold yet sophisticated collection designed by the world’s best defenseman, Jarrod Neumann and his NeuGeneration brand. Inspired by high-fashion brands, the NeuGeneration Summer 2020 collection showcases a gold pattern set against a black background for a unique look that is great for a night on the town or practicing your two-bombs on the field.

Jarrod, known for his premium fashion tastes, like to “look good” when out on the town. You can often see him on Instagram looking fresh and ready for big night in the latest trends or traditional vibes. Jarrod took and active role in the look and feel of his collection and wanted functional styles that felt more high-end than your typical activewear.

The Neugeneration collection is highlighted by the custom designed Rochester scuba neck Tech Fleece with Air-Flow, offering a sophisticated and fresh look that is versatile and functional for the life of a pro-athlete.


Nation United X Epoch Lacrosse Apparel Collaboration is in the spirit of their mission and vision, to utilize elite-level lacrosse to inspire diversity. The “United We Win” collection carries the energy, style and attention to detail that Nation United brings on and off the field. Quality fit and fabric support the look and feel of excellence. This collaboration showcases where sport, conscious culture and lifestyle meet.
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