Complete Sticks

The Purpose 15 Degree Factory Setup is designed and engineered for a new generation of athletes. 

Women's Heads and Pockets

Each pocket strung in the Purpose 15 Degree is designed to work with the patented 15 Degree bottom rail technology.


Get the ultimate advantage on the field with new Women’s mesh from Epoch.


The Purpose™ is available with a matching composite of alloy Dragonfly shaft. 

Custom Dyes

Stand out and choose your women’s Purpose head of choice. Whether it’s for your local, High school or club team – pick your favorite colors to showcase on the field.


Shop the complete line of Women’s equipment, proudly backed by the UNC Women’s Lacrosse Team. 

Epoch Bespoke

Create a truly unique, Factory Tie-up Purpose 15 Degree Head with Epoch Bespoke. 

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