Designed and engineered by lacrosse players for lacrosse players.


iDjr. Starter Kit: $110

The Epoch iDjr. protective collection was designed for the emerging U10 lacrosse player, providing them with the required protection and comfort when starting out. Engineered by Epoch with some of the same features Epoch Pro Athletes use in their gear, iDjr. is designed to be safe, comfortable and highly protective at an incredible value. If you are in the market for high quality U10 gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads, the iDjr. full starter kit is the choice for you.


iDjr. Glove: $50

iDjr. Shoulder Pads: $56

iDjr. Arm Pad: $30


More than a name, Dragonfly Nine is part of a legacy.

The Dragonfly Nine is the most technologically advanced shaft in the game, built on years of design, innovation, and engineering. This year Epoch has truly challenged their own legacy, taking the legendry Dragonfly name to new heights. Introducing their new HD Resin Technology and adding flex iQ options for 2019; engineered to change and redefine your game. Be part of Epoch history and step on the field with a Dragonfly Nine. The carbon fiber revolution is happening, and Epoch is leading the way.

#1of1  You Design it.  We build and ship it.

With Epoch Bespoke you can go beyond custom and create a masterpiece that is truly 1of1.   Our mobile, laptop and desktop friendly website allows you to design, create and share, your personalized gloves and arm pads. Place and order through an authorized retailer and your Bespoke gloves will show up on your door step in 2-3 weeks. No minimum order.


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