iD Vision Complete


The iD Vision complete is an incredible value at $99.99. For this complete Factory Set-up the iD Vision head is strung with our HT Poly Mesh and sits on an iD Vision Alloy shaft. This is an incredible value and is the perfect Set up for the U10/U14 player looking to elevate his game.




  • Player Level: Elite U14+
  • Collection: iD
  • Flex iQ: 3
  • Profile: Curved
  • Pocket Location: Zone 2 Mid/Low-Pocket
  • Collection: iD
  • Smart Sidewalls: Yes
  • Spec: Universal
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
  • Material: Composite Injected Polymer
  • Made in USA

Epoch's collections of heads pushes the boundaries of lacrosse and have truly innovated lacrosse.



The iD Vision cuts through the marketing noise and delivers a sound product perfect for players falling in love with our game of lacrosse.

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The distance the scoop “lies” from the center axis of the shaft.


The particular position on the bottom rail of a lacrosse head that is the furthest distance from the center axis of the shaft. The Sweet Spot sits at the vertex – the point of the bottom rail that stops curving down from the center axis of the shaft – and begins to curve back up towards the center point of reference.


The distance the scoop “lies” from the center axis of the shaft.

Zone 2 Mid/Low Pocket

Designed for the elite U14 and up lacrosse players – iD Vision was engineered to have a zone 2 pocket location. This gives you a Zone 2 mid/low pocket.

Smart Sidewalls

The iD Vision head features Smart Sidewalls, an Epoch tool for first time stringers. Smart Sidewall uses square and circle holes that give players a visual guide for various sidewall patterns, knots and techniques. The circle sidewall holes provide you with the ideal neutral pocket, while the square holes allow you to learn and upgrade your pocket by providing options for various levels of whip.

Composite Injected Polymer

The iD Vision is constructed with proprietary composite injected polymer. This provides not only optimal strength and durability but maximum energy transfer for improved velocity.

Proudly made in USA

The iD Vision has a Universal Spec and is manufactured with Epoch’s proprietary blend of materials for a super tough polymer with maximized stiffness and flexibility properties with UV protection. The iD Vision is manufactured with pride in the USA and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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